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Cédric Ginart



1995-1993:      Scientific glassblowing degree,  Lycée Dorian, Paris, France

1995:             Scientific glassblowing certificate, Lycée Dorian, Paris, France.



2019             Lauscha Glass Museum, Lauscha, Germany

2019             Hodge Gallery, Pitttsburgh Glass Center, Material World, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2019             Drysdale Glass Festival, Drysdale, Australie

2018             Rose Glass Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2018             On ! Pushing back the dark. South Shore art Center, Cohasset, MA, USA

2017              La Gare Gallery, Master glass jewelers, Murano, Italy

2017              Davide Penso Studio et Galerie, ‘Glass Master’, Murano, Italy

2017              Galerie Elena Lee, Professeurs et gradués d’Espace Verre, Montréal, QC, Canada

2017              Urban Glass, NY, New York, USA

2017              Musée du Verre Moderne Européen,Coburg, Germany

2016:             Duo Show,  galerie Gutgesell , Lauscha, Germany

2016:             8Th Symposium,  Musée Européen du Verre Moderne, Coburgh, Germany

2016:             Glow, Pilchuck glass school, WA, USA

2015:             Mutation, Musée de la Civilisation, Québec, Qc, Canada

2015:             21Th goblet invitational, Kittrel Griffin Glass Galery, Dallas, TX, USA

2014:             Gallery Merwin , ‘’Lifeforms’’ Bloomington,( IL) USA.

2014:             National Liberty Museum, ‘’ Lifeforms’’,Philadelphie,(PA) USA.

2013 :            Kittrell Riffkind Gallery, annual goblet show,Dallas, TX, USA                     

2013:             Hodge Gallery, ‘’Lifeforms’’ , Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

2013 :            Sandra Ainsley Gallery ‘’best canadian glass’’,Toronto, Ont, Canada

2013:             ‘’Rouge’’ Espace Verre Gallery, Montréal Qc, Canada.

2013:             The best Canadian glass, Sandra Ainsley Gallery’ Toronto, ONT, Canada

2013:             Glasslifeforms, Hodge Gallery, Pittsburg ,PA, USA

2013:             19Th annual goblet show, Kittrell/Riffkind art glass gallery, Dallas TX,USA

2013:             C2 Montreal, Qc, Canada

2013:             Natural Progressions,Bender Gallery,Ashville,NC, USA

2012:             SOFA Chicago,Il,USA

2012 :            Espace Verre Gallery, ‘’Goblet Galor’’, QC, Canada

2011 :             Espace Verre Gallery, ‘, Permanente Collection ‘’, QC, Canada

2010;           Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay, Montréal, QC, Canada

                    GAAC members exposition, Montréal, QC, Canada

                    Espace Verre Gallery, ‘’ Humain’’ Montréal, QC, Canada.

2009 :         Solo exposition, ‘’Cosmos’’ Canadian Clay and Glass gallery,

                    Waterloo, Ont, Canada.

2007:           Espace Verre Gallery, ‘’ at the table’’, QC, Canada

                    Westin, annual Pilchuck Auction, Seattle, WA, USA

                    The works Art and design Festival ‘’ Lucent’’, Edmonton, AL, Canada

                    Illingworth Kerr Gallery, ‘’ Lucent’’ Calgary, AL, Canada

                    Espace Verre Gallery, ‘’Fest-noz’’, Montréal, Qc , Canada

2006 :         Westin, annual Pilchuck Auction, Seattle, WA, USA


Professional experiences

2019-1998:      Flameworker, self-employed

2019-2000:  Scientific Glassblower, Montreal University, Montréal, QC, Canada

2019 :             Drysdale Glass Festival, Drysdale, Australie

2019:              Pittsburgh Glass Center, Flameworking Cocktail,Pittsburgh, (PA), USA

2019:              Flameworking Cocktail , Corning The Studio, Corning,(NY) USA

2018              Demonstrating Artist, Joshibi University, Japan

2016:             Artist in residence, European museum for modern glass, Coburg, Germany

2016:             Pilchuck glass school, teacher, Seattle, WA, USA

2015:              Flamework teacher, Pittsburg Glass Center, Pittsburg, PA, USA

2015:              Demonstrating artist, ‘’it’s not serious’’, GAS conference, San Jose, CA, USA

2014:              Flame work teacher, 27th  Niijima international glass festival, Niijima, Japan.

2014:              Flame work teacher, ‘’ tempted by fire’’ Pillchuck glass school, Seattle, WA, USA

2014:              artist in residence, Gullkistan, Iceland.

2017-2007 :   Flame work teacher, Espace Verre, Montréal, QC

2017-2010 :    Flame work teacher, Corning Museum of glass, Corning, NY, USA

2010:            Collaboration with Philippe Dubuc,‘’ Verre Couture’’ glass fashion show, Mtl,

                    Qc, Canada

                     Consultant, SIO2 exposition, sciences center, Montréal, QC, Canada

                     Exhibitort and demonstrator, FIMA, Montréal, QC, Canada

                     GAAC organisation board member r Montréal, QC, Canada

                     Public demonstration, Musée des Hospitalières, Montréal, QC, Canada

                     Demonstration for the Contemporary art glass Alliance, CMVQ, Montréal

2009-2010:  Flamework teacher, Atelier des arts du Feu, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada

2008 :          Public demonstration, Western Fair Days, Red Deer, AB, Can

                     Public demonstration, Événement de Feu et de lumière, MTL, QC

2007:            Public demonstration, Canadian Clay and GlassGallerWaterloo,Ont             

2005-2011 :    Board member of the  ASGS Canadian section

2005-2006:  Invited flamework teacher, CMVQ, Montréal, Qc, Canada

2005  2010:  Host and organizer of the ASGS, Montréal University,Mtl,Canada                   

2004:            Public demonstration, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

2003:            Publicdemonstration,Harbourfront,Toronto,Canada                                 2000:          Public demonstration, Old port of Montréal, QC, Canada               

1996-2000:  Scientific  glassblower, Québéc, Canada

1995-1996:       Scientific glassblower, Quartz & Silice , Nemours, France

Professional training
2019 :            Robert Mickelsen, La table noire studio, Shawinigan, Qc, Canada

2017 :             De La Torre Brothers, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2016 :            Plasma and Néon , Wayne Strattman, Chrysler Museum, North Folk, VG, USA

2016 :            Flameworki g,Andrè Gutgesell, Lauscha, Germany

2014:              Glassblowing with Chuck Lopez, CMVQ,Montreal, QC Canada

2014 :             Flameworking with Kari Russell- Pool, Espace-Verre, Qc, Canada

2012:              Serigraphy and glass painting, Joseph Cavaleri, Espace verre, Qc

                     Glass sculpture with  Ross Richmond, Espace Verre, QC, Canada.

2010:            Flamework with Lucio Bubacco, Espace Verre, Montréal, Qc Canada.

2009:           Flamework Césare Toffolo, Corning Museum of glass, NY, USA.

                     Glassblowing, Wiliam Gudenrath, Corning Museum of glass, NY,USA

2008:           Flam work with Michael Mangiafico, CMVQ, Montréal, Qc, Canada                      

2007:            Flamework with Paul Stankard, Penland School of Craft, NC,USA

                     Flamework with Loren Stump, Corning Museum of glass, NY, USA

2006:           Furnace buiding with Eddie Bernard, Penland School of Craft, NC,USA

                     Flamework with Shane Fero, CMVQ, Montréal, QC, Canada

                     Wood working, André Martel, St Césaire, QC, Canada

2010-2002:  Glassblowing with Laura Donefer, CMVQ, Montréal, Canada

2005:           Flamework with Césare Toffolo, Corning Museum of glass, Corning NY, USA

                     UV sandblast, Michèle Lapointe, CMVQ, Montréal, QcC, Canada

2004:           Glassblowing, Laura Donefer, Corning Museum of glass, NY, USA

2003:           Flamework, Philippe Pervergne, Nancy, France

                     Sand blast Michèle Lapointe CMVQ, Montréal, QC, Canada

                     Cold work Jean-Marie Giguère, CMVQ, Montréal, QC, Canada

                     Pâte de verre Donald Robertson, CMVQ, Montréal, QC, Canada

                     Sand casting  Alain Vaidie, CMVQ, Montréal, QC, Canada

                     Fusing Élisabeth Marier, Espace Verre, Montréal, QC, Canada

2002:           Stained glass Verrerie d’art classique, Montréal, QC, Canada

                     Stained glass Verrerie d’art classique, Montréal, QC, Canada.

                     Scientific glassblowing, C.N.R.S., Michel Dumont, Gif-sur-Yvette, France

                     Flamework with  Claude Robert, Lycée Dorian, Paris, France

1995:              Scientific Glassblowing C.N.R.S. & C.E.A., M. Dumont et Jean-François Tanneau

1994:              Scientific glassblowing C.E.A , M. Dumont et Jean-François Tanneau




2013-2019       Sandra Ainsley Gallery, Toronto Ont, Canada

2012-2015:       Bender Gallery, Ascheville, NC, USA

2012-2013:       CRÉA Gallery, Montréal, Qc, Canada

2006:           Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, ONT, Canada

2005-2006  Lafrenière et Paï gallery , Ottawa, Ont. Canada

2007 :           Symmetry gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

2003-2013 :    Espace Verre gallery,  Montreal, Qc , Canad


Permanente collections

                          Lauscha Glass Museum, Germany

                      Spielzeug Museum, Nurnberg, Germany

                      Eirnsting Stiftung Glassmuseum, Coesfel-Lette,Germany

                      Europeen museum of contemporary glass

                      Cobourg, Germany

                      Musée des Beaux Arts de Québec, Qc, Canada

                      Niijima Glass Museum, Japan

                      Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, OCanada

                      Red deer College, Red Deer AB ,Canada

                      Espace verre, Montréal, Qc, Canada



2019               CALQ, Creation and research

2019               CALQ, Australia

2019               CALQ, Germany

2018               Sodec

2017                CALQ, Italy

2017                CALQ, Germany

2016 :              Canadian Art consul

2013;               SODEC

2012;               SODEC

2011 ;               SODEC

2010;             SODEC

1998 :             Self employed program grant

1998:              Young entrepreneur grant



                  Quebec Craft consul  Professional Member ,

                  Américan Scientifc Glassblowing Society Professional Member o

                  Glass Art Association of Canada Professional Member

                  Glass Art Society Professional Member


Publications / medias

2011 :             Quartier Libre, vol 18 , number 7.

2010:            Télévision Radio Canada, 8 mai, Verre Couture

                     Fusion Magazine (Ontario_ Volume 34 numéro 1 winter 2010

                     Journal La presse, 28 mai, mariage inusité

                     Le journal de Montréal , 29 mai

2009 :          Télé Québec, Le code Chastenay

2007:           Contemporary Canadian glass’’ printemps 2007

                    Catalogue de la vente aux enchères de Pilchuck

                     La voix de l’est, 3 mars

                     Le Devoir, 3 mars

                     Voir, 1 mars

2006:           The record newspaper, 17 novembre

                     Pichuck auction catalog

2005:           Forum, april 18th, volume 39, number 28

                     Radio-Canada, les années lumières. May 8th

2004:           Fusion, November 2004

2003:           Forum, 8 september, volume 38 , number  3.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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